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EnterpriseWeb® is an award winning platform for smart data-driven automation. The platform can personalize human workflows and optimize system and infrastructure processes in real-time. It includes a registry for declaratively modeling connections to distributed resources (Web-Services, RESTful APIs, JDBC databases, etc.), a design studio for rapidly composing applications simply using links and metadata references, a high-performance run-time environment, and a database for resulting transaction logs and business records. The unified approach helps Digital Enterprises enrich user-experiences, accelerate service delivery, and gain Business Agility, without sacrificing performance, scalability or control. EnterpriseWeb won two coveted 2014 CODiE Awards from the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) for Best Semantic Platform and Best Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution (http://siia.net/codies/2014/winners_detail.asp?nID=146).

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The promise of Service Orientation, increased IT productivity and business agility, can never be delivered by the development of service catalogs alone, it was premised on assumptions of dynamic service discovery, provisioning, and configuration that haven’t been delivered. Service Oriented thinking has to evolve beyond a focus on service design and management, to deliver automated service interoperability at the application layer. It’s time to take the next logical step to Semantic SOA.

Dave Duggal, Co-founder and Managing Director, EnterpriseWeb, and Co-leader of the Catalyst project, refers to those east-west interfaces as ‘automated interoperability’ and says it’s all about figuring out how to keep complex business services that have dependencies on virtual network functions (VNFs), policies and network resources from breaking down if any of the parties of an orchestration are changed or replaced. That requires something more than conventional application program interfaces (APIs), which are not dynamically configurable or adaptable.

The problem EnterpriseWeb set out to fix is this: in the cloud (or anywhere else for that matter) applications, and the data that supports those applications, essentially exist as silos. Now, how would you like to connect your applications and/or data? In an ideal world you would like to dynamically connect any combination of either in any logical fashion. That, to me, would be a definition of business agility. And that is what EnterpriseWeb offers, instead of the series of tightly coupled scenarios that are, in effect, hard-wired and which is what you get from traditional solutions

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