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We are a UK based team building amazing digital solutions. We specialise in cross platform mobile apps, responsive web development, identity, branding, UX and more. Among our key strengths are Appcelerator Titanium mobile apps, leveraging the power of cross-platform code to reduce costs and give our clients greater ROI. We are a Rackspace Partner with a proven track record in delivering cloud based infrastructure that is stable, secure and just works. We are also specialists in developing and implementing solutions for startup companies.

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A small showcase of some of our recent work.

Use Cases

Klass Apps

KLASS App is the next generation, student management system that provides each prospect, student, graduate and alumni a unique personalized experience from their mobile device! KLASS App was created by school operators and designed specifically to help schools increase each department's key performance indicators. For this project, which has visibility across dozens of colleges in the USA and hundreds of thousands of students, we needed to build a system that was both robust and dynamic. We did that by implementing a mobile solution (iPad, iPhone, Android) built with Appcelerator Titanium, utilising best-of-breed services such as Parse.com, Urban Airship push notifications and Flurry Mobile analytics. To drive the app, we have built a world-class web portal management system using Laravel PHP on top of clustered cloud server infrastructure from Rackspace. On top of that, we have a fully redundant API, under industry standard SSL, that colleges can use to import and export their data safely and efficiently. On top of all that, Tipsy & Tumbler are responsible for the entire branding, identity and sales website for KLASS App which has received round-the-board praise from the client and their customers. The whole system has been a massive hit and we look forward to showcasing more of it in the future! For more information visit http://www.klassapp.com