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JZero Solutions are an online solutions and development company that specialises in eLearning and Training Events Management. Founded in 1997 by Digant Val and Paul McCoy, JZero has delivered learning solutions to major blue chip enterprises around the world, such as Hewlett Packard, Shell and British Aerospace. Our mission has always been to be highly flexible, highly adaptable and to deliver solutions at an unbeatable price to provide our clients with exactly the solution that they want - not make our clients adapt to our system. This approach has allowed us to consistently provide products and services that already meet your requirements out-of-the-box. We at JZero are proud to work with many high profile businesses and organisations around the world.

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JLMS from JZero Solutions is a robust alternative to a full scale enterprise LMS, which offers a stable, efficient work environment for your learners. It does everything you need for a straight forward, out of the box solution, at an affordable price, and it will look like your own. JLMS is fully scalable, and allows you complete customisation capability to reflect your identity and help learners feel at home. All the reporting you need is there too, along with many features to ensure your learners always get to the content they need quickly and easily.

A full list of the features and functions which are available in JLMS Enterprise.

Single sign on technology provides users with a seamless authentication mechanism to allow access to different systems without being prompted to log in again to each of them. JLogin from JZero Solutions provides this mechanism for ease of access into the JLMS Enterprise LMS platform.

Auto data loading technology provides an interface between your HR system and the LMS, allowing full synchronisation of employee data. JLDAP from JZero Solutions is a lightweight data access module which can be connected directly to your HR system or ingest exported data files to relieve the Administration overhead of managing user records in more than one system. The JLDAP solution was developed to assist companies with integrating their existing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) data sources with LMS databases.

Use Cases

Orange Case Study

The evolution of a platform to assist in an XP rollout to an entire learning portal servicing staff and stores across the UK.

Siemens Scandinavia Case Study

How our solution provides a learning platform for Siemens staff in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Orange, Rackspace and JZero Case Study

Find out more about how Orange, Rackspace and JZero work together.