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Northwoods is a web development firm dedicated to creating top quality websites and software applications. Our Services & Solutions: Strategic eBusiness Consulting Creative Graphic Design Website Design & Development Product eCatalog Systems eCommerce Systems Intranet & Extranet Development Titan CMS Solutions Sitecore CMS Implementation Partner SharePoint Development Services Content Migration Services Orphaned Software Rescue Services Hosting & Security Consulting Digital Strategy & Review Consulting Web CMS Training & Support Social Media Applications Site Globalization/Multi-Language Strategic eMarketing Consulting Software Engineering Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mobile Website and App Development Interactive Rich Media (Flash, JQuery)

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Manufacturers face many website challenges. You must satisfy buyers, dealers, customers, internal staff and industry partners. Engaging online with customers and prospects may require that your website needs a dealer locator, detailed product pages, a dealer portal, international usability. Your site must be engaging, organized, easy to navigate, and easy to find. Learn more about how Northwoods can help you design your next website

Northwoods has spent over 15 years building all types of websites as you can see from our online portfolio. We have developed web solutions for large and small companies. We have built Intranets and Extranets, Mobile Websites, websites in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Non-Profits, Professional Services and more. Every day, thousands of people use Titan CMS, our content management system, to enter and maintain their website content. We get it. We know how websites work, how to draw traffic, how to write content, and how to give visitors what they are looking for.

Large school districts must satisfy a wide array of audiences including parents, community members, potential employees, teachers, government officials, media and funding sources. And in many cases, multi-language support is an essential ingredient to success. Learn more about how Northwoods, with our proven digital strategy methods, can help you address each audience with an effective website.

Use Cases

Online Physician Finder

Users want a clear and easy way to locate a doctor in the medical system and access all the information necessary about that doctor and their practice. However, many physician finders are created by doctors with medical terminology. This terminology does not always match with user terminology. For example, a user might type in the word “cancer” and not get any results. This is because this term never appeared in the physician database because doctors use the medical term “oncology” instead. Read about how Northwoods solved this challenge for Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin.

Global Digital Strategy

Providing services on a global-scale presents unique challenges, including language barriers, project management concerns, synergy throughout all campaigns, and others. All of these challenges were amplified for American Appraisal due to the fact that each American Appraisal office in 27 different countries was running their website on an independent content management system. Learn how Northwoods created a global digital strategy and consolidated 27 disparate web platforms onto one content management system.

Best Practices For Including YouTube Videos On Your Website

Manufacturers use YouTube to market, instruct, and enhance brand image in both B2B and B2C environments. According to a Global Spec 2014 study, Social Media Use in the Industry Sector, 48% of technical professionals use YouTube or other video-sharing sites for job-related purposes. Out of all social media habits from this group, watching videos is the most common. Manufacturing executives, engineers, salespeople and marketers all use YouTube to keep up on industry trends and technologies, find product reviews and new suppliers, and hear what experts are saying.


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Digital Strategy, Website Design delivered with a powerful content management system means you get a great website without all of the hassle with other solutions.