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We develop innovative and cutting edge solutions that help companies run securely, integrate easily and scale quickly. But we’re more than just a vendor, we are a partner for your business, always seeking better solutions for your bottom line. Our team is always on the lookout for newer, better solutions to old problems, continually striving for efficiency. Never will you hear us say, “This is the way we do things”, but instead “This is how we did it before, what new technologies can we use to do it better?” We aren’t afraid of change for the better, in fact, we embrace it.

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IT Consulting
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Adobe, Drupal, Hadoop, Magento, MongoDB, Other, Sharepoint
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1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006 United States.
Phone: 202-580-8897
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Located in Washington DC, AET Hosting Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of AET Holdings Corp, a business management and technology services holding company focusing on the start-up, small business, educational and non-profit industries. AET Hosting Solutions was launched to provide premier, enterprise-level hosting services and solutions to these organizations, at an affordable price. From web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, to advanced cloud storage and cloud computing services, there’s nothing we can’t handle!

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AET Holdings Corp | We design and develop innovative technology solutions.